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Chica Password Manager 1.1

Stores your passwords and sensitive information in a secure encrypted database
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Chica Password Manager is a versatile software application created to store all your passwords and your most sensitive information in an encrypted database which is protected with a master password, the only key that you will have to remember. The program was designed to maximize the security and privacy of your data.

The first time you run the program, a Configuration Wizard launches automatically to help you set the general security parameters of the program in four easy steps. Firstly, you set the initial master password. Secondly, you can choose an authorization method among "Password Protection", "USB Device", "Bluetooth Device", and "No Authorization" (not recommended). In the third step, you can tell the program the length of period of computer inactivity after which it must lock itself automatically. Finally, you are asked to select the extensions to be installed on your system, like a Mozilla Firefox plug-in, for example. You can change any of these parameters later, of course.

Once in operation, Chica Password Manager offers many interesting and helpful features that really help you keep your information safe and easily accessible at the same time. For example, it installs plug-ins for your Web browsers that allow you to fill online forms automatically, saving you a lot of time. Also, you can make use of the virtual keyboard included to avoid threats (keyloggers), and you can manage several identities that you can then use when filling in an online form. Another big asset of this program is its Password Generator, which allows you to obtain automatic passwords of any desired length and complexity.

The program organizes your information in groups, categories, and records that are displayed hierarchically. By default, it includes several categories, such as E-mail, Finance, Instant Messengers, Shopping, and Social Networks, but you can add your own if necessary. It allows you to create a new Account, Login, Secure memo, Group, and Identity for each category, which you can later edit or delete very easily. When you create a new account, the program asks you for a type – either a "Web account" (especially designed for websites) or an "Application account", designed for programs running locally on a PC. In the case of the "Web account", the program will check if the website supports automatic fill-in – if it does, you can make use of this feature for that website in the future, and start saving time. It is important to mention the program’s capability of working in portable mode, which allows you to copy your entire database (and the program itself) on a portable device, so that you can access your data on any computer while keeping them secure and encrypted.

In short, Chica Password Manager is a very comprehensive and powerful password manager and generator that will fulfill all your related needs for sure. Besides that, it allows you to be sure your information is secure, while providing you easy access to it at the same time.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to choose among four different authorization methods
  • Includes a Password Generator
  • Includes a portable version that allows you to take your private information with you
  • Installs plug-ins for all your Web browsers that allow you to fill in online forms automatically
  • Your PC locks itself after a customizable period of inactivity


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